What's your learning style?

Last week we looked at the need to embrace the process of learning. But what’s your learning style? What do you mean? - I hear you say. Well this is an interesting subject because God, with His technical precision and genius, created each one of us to receive information in different ways. Let me explain. There are primarily 3 ways in which each person prefers to absorb new learning. And what’s important is that these inclinations influence all aspects of learning. They are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic intake styles. Please understand that your intake style does not represent your intelligence, neither does your style symbolise whether you are a good or bad person! Your style simply illustrates how you best prefer to get new learning into your brain. Also understand that most of us will use each style to some extent, but each individual will usually have a stronger preference in the style that they use to take in learning. And yes some people may not always have a strong inclination towards necessarily one style but may best acquire their new learning from an amalgamation of the three.


A person who is visual likes to learn by seeing. Such a person will prefer to use mediums such as TV, DVD, video, computers and print. They are what I call picture people. Their thoughts and imagination thrive on the visual stimuli they receive. And hence that is also what they like to give. Generally visual learners often love to read, see live events, watch movies and television. Often a visual person will be very conscious of how they look, and even in conversation their words tend to be visually descriptive words such as “Can you picture that?” or “I see what you’re saying.” There’s also the internal and external processing side of things. Internal visual learners like to picture things in their mind first before discussing or sharing them with others. External visual learners like to process information with visual aids such as charts, graphs, photos and art. In terms of careers you will often find visual people drawn to careers such as graphic design, architecture, writing or illustration.


An auditory person likes to learn by hearing. Their preferred learning mediums include audio tapes, CDs, radio and television (more for the sound). No sound (for concentration) is just as important as good sound and speech for the auditory person to learn. In conversation one might often hear the auditory person make statements such as “Are you hearing me?” or “Sounds good to me.” An auditory person can usually be a very good listener. When processing information the internal auditory person will usually talk to themselves in their head (you won’t usually see anything except maybe a short pause). The external auditory learner will often talk or whisper to themselves whilst learning. Careers that interest auditory persons often involve radio, music, sound and educational arenas.


A kinaesthetic person is a movement person. They are often quite easy to identify because they are usually on the go. He or she likes to learn by doing. If you told a kinaesthetic person to sit still and listen or just watch, it can sometimes be quite a challenge - they like to get stuck in. In conversations you’ll tend to hear words such as “That’s great!” or “Let’s get going!” They often speak quickly and use words as much as they use their body language. Their kind of careers may be as an athlete, salesperson, actor, dancer or fire-fighter. Kinaesthetic persons usually process internal information in an emotional way. When they recall something they usually recollect how the experience felt; as opposed to a visual person who will more likely remember how it looked. Externally they are quite physical people who learn by touch and actively experimenting and working on projects.

The problem: We often neglect the style or styles that best suit us.

The solution: Identify your dominate style (or styles) and try to learn more by applying it/them to your life. It could be that someone has a more kinaesthetic learning style and would learn more by actively getting stuck into a project as opposed to reading a whole lot of theory that is not sticking in their mind (but please follow instructions where necessary!).

May God give you the grace to identify your dominate learning style.

God bless and protect


Quote of the week:
“When house and land are gone and spent, then learning is most excellent.” – Italian Proverb


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