What do you expect?

What do you expect from life? What do you really expect? I’m not talking about what you want, because everyone wants great and beautiful things for their life. But what you want is quite different from what you expect, because what you want will stretch as far as your imagination can take you, but what you expect will only take a slice of your imagination and go as far as to influence and determine your actions in life. Let me give an illustration. Let’s say, for example, your dream is to become the greatest football player in England – kind of like a new and improved David Beckham! This would be classed as what you want because it’s your dream or vision. But when you look at yourself you feel like reality is saying ‘forget it! That will never be you!’ So your expectations drop. You don’t practice your ball handling skills, you don’t practice your free kicks and you don’t really work on your stamina training because you just don’t expect it will make a difference. Can you see what’s happening? Your expectations are overriding your desires (what you want) and are starting to determine your future.

Life is like a triangle of expectations. On the first side there’s the question of ‘What do other people expect from you?’ On the next side there’s the question of ‘What do you expect from yourself?’ And on the third side there’s the question of ‘What do you believe God expects from you?’ Have you ever considered what Jesus use to say when He would heal or deliver someone? He would say things like “…yourfaith has made you well.” Mark 5:34 or “According to your faith let it be to you.”Matthew 9:29. In other words ‘You’re going to get what YOU expect!’ Their deliverance wasn’t according to their want; it was according to their expectation. Contrary to popular belief, Jesus didn’t actually heal all the sick. Most of the people he healed were those that had the faith to receive his healing Matthew 13:58. In life what we expect, that is consistently expect, is round about what we’re going to get? The truth is that for most people life is influenced and dictated by the expectations of others. This can be both good and bad. But very often we don’t seriously check what expectations we have or should put on ourselves, and also what expectations we believe God has of us. To work and serve others is necessary as we can never succeed in life on our own. Even Jesus told us that the greatest in His kingdom is he who serves Matthew 20:26. But to live a life pleasing others and miss the best of what you believe God wants from you is a dangerous road to follow. I’m focusing on our need to consider life’s expectations because your level of commitment will be directly influenced by the expectations you value the most – other people’s, yours or God’s.

The most important expectation you should take note of is that of what God expects from you. Why? Because God created you and he knows what your full capability can be. We know His expectations from understanding His will and building a relationship. If our expectations are not in line with His, than it is through our relationship with Him that we can realise and begin to bring them into line with Him. That’s why prayer and meditation on His word is so important. So if in going for your goal someone says ‘…it can’t be done.’ you remember what God says and say ‘…all things are possible to him who believes.’ Mark 9:23 (because you’re in line with God’s expectations). The next most important expectation is that of your expectation of yourself. If your expectations of yourself are too low than your greatest potential can never be matched. But if your expectations are unrealistic (for that season), than you might find yourself quite disappointed. And if your personal expectations don’t match God’s you may be going in the wrong direction and missing his very best for your life.

Do you want to positively change your expectations? Than change what’s going into your mind Romans 12:2. Don’t take this lightly. It’s a day by day process influenced by what we read, what we speak, what we watch and what we focus on. The more we read about overcomers in life, the more we learn about the possibilities in our trade, the more we associate with noble characters and the more we understand God, ourselves and our fellow man is what makes a difference in our expectations. Someone once said ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ – let this not be us for God has invested so much in us. Rather let it be said ‘Wisdom in, wisdom out.’

May your expectations increase as God intended.

God bless and protect


Quote of the week:
“My soul, wait silently for God alone; for my expectation is from Him” – King David, Psalm 62:5


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