What are your financial goals?

We know that goals are important; they act as indicators reminding us how far we’re moving towards or away from our destination. A physical goal might be to exercise 3 times a week or eat 5 portions of fruit each day - you know in doing so your body will be and feel healthier. A mental goal might be to read an inspirational book each week or month. But what about financial goals? How often are they considered?

Your financial goals are linked to your dreams and desires in life. When you stop and truly think about what you want to achieve in life it will help you put your whole financial life into perspective. If your goal is to just get married and have a house, car and nice family then your financial objectives will be a lot smaller in comparison to someone who has a vision to build and donate schools and homes for orphaned children in developing nations. You need to begin to ask yourself questions like; who do I want to bless on this earth? How do I want to bless them? What legacy do I want to leave for my family, my community and my nation? What will this cost me in time, know how and money? Am I on the right track?

Once you begin asking yourself these questions then you’re really beginning to put your life and work into perspective. Because if you have aspirations that are grand and expensive, than you better have a sincerely grand plan of how you’re going to fulfil them. It’s no use wishing upon a lucky star, believing that your circumstances will just suddenly change one day; you’ve got to strategise and work at it.

This is just a little food for thought. Why are you working where you’re working? Is it because that’s what you’ve been doing for the last five years and it’s paying the bills or is it because you’re building your asset base and learning skills to enhance your future? I remember speaking to one of the managers at a previous place of employment. He told me that he initially came intending to work there for maybe about 18 months…it was now 20 years and he had wondered where all the years had gone. Believe me this is not an uncommon story. Maybe this is your story and you want out. Well here’s a chance to think about your dreams again. It may well be you need to reconsider your steps, re-chart your path or focus on a new industry. Don’t neglect the gift of God in you. If you have big financial aspirations go for it. Jim Rohn once said something like “Set a goal of being a millionaire not because of the money you’ll get out of it, but because of the person of the person you will become in achieving that goal”

Think on these things.

God bless and protect


Quote of the week:
“There is nothing when men possess riches but the wrong comes when riches possess men.” - Billy Graham


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