Stop and Think

When was the last time you stopped to think about life? I mean when was the last time you really stood still, sat down or lay quietly and said ‘Hold on what’s going on? How am I getting on with life? Am I headed in the right direction? Do I even have a direction to head?’ Left to human nature, we have a tendency to slip into routines that feel comfortable and don’t often stretch us, only occasionally stepping out when circumstances force a change to occur.

When we seriously assess our lives our thoughts are not suppose to be just passing wishes and ideologies that fly through our heads. But rather they should lead us to a place where we think with calculated and concentrated energy about the things that are occurring in our life – good and bad. One of the ‘hard to swallow’ facts of life is that the best way to get to a destination is by having a target. Most people simply just don’t have goals. They only have fuzzy dreams, hopes and ideas. It’s common to hear statements from our friends or colleagues like ‘I want to be happier’, ‘I want more money’, or ‘I want to lose weight’. But until those desires are moulded with serious thinking about the specifics, life will continue to spin like a circle. We may take a few steps forward but ultimately we find ourselves back where we started. I could tell you a joke and that might make you happier - for a few seconds. I could give you a penny and you would have more money. I could take the leash off a bulldog and whilst running for your life you might lose a few pounds. But in the end is that really what you want? I doubt it.

Without a shadow of a doubt potential greatness lies in the heart of every man and woman under the sun. And God has promised that as long as “…the earth remains, seed time and harvest…shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22. This is God’s way of showing us His love and giving us time to adjust our lives. The seeds must be sown and cultivated for the harvest to bear fruit. In a way let these words serve as a reminder to help you stay or get back on track. I’ll finish with a few important things for you to stop and think about:

1. Your habits
Someone once said “Good habits are hard to start but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to start but hard to live with.” Your present habits are cultivating the behaviours and attitudes of your future. What are they? Change the bad ones and strengthen the good ones.

2. Your dreams
Don’t let them slip away. Pursue or research – but head towards them. If you don’t have a dream then that must be your goal. Discover the things that you love to do. Discover the things that motivate you. Understand what God wants for you. Understand what God has put in you.

3. Your health
More exercise and more greens! Enjoy life and let your body enjoy it with you. Your body will be with you until you die so treat it with care.

4. Your mind
Don’t fill it with junk. Fill it with God’s truth, knowledge of your chosen field, inspiration and principles of life.

5. Your relationship with God
Jesus said “…for without Me you can do nothing” John 15:5. Let your Creator who knows why He made you influence, direct and walk with you in life. There’s no point getting stuff but missing out on a relationship with the one who gave you the ability in the first place.

6. Problems
Not that we should dwell on them. Everyone faces them. Be it a bad habit, a broken relationship, temptations or ignorance. Think about how to solve them. Pray about it and diligently pursue a solution.

God bless and protect

Quote of the week:
“Man thinks, God directs.” - Alcuin


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