Never let life defeat you

There will be times in this journey of life when you will be faced with challenges beyond your comprehension. It will seem like the armies of discouragement have made a secret vendetta to specifically target you. Defeat is their general, Distraction his right hand man with Confusion on his left. And let’s not forget his corporals - Depression, Regret, Fear and Worry. They’re all trying to impress, desperately aiming for that promotion, at your expense! But that’s the beauty of life! Huh?!...Beauty? At first it doesn’t seem like it. But God has so designed our lives that the circumstances that trouble and hinder us are the very things that will ultimately challenge us to bring the best out of us. If you don’t believe me study the life of anyone who has left a mark and done anything of significance in this world. If the battle wasn’t against the elements of life then there was almost certainly a huge battle within themselves.

Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever seen. But did you know that he failed in his attempt at business, had a nervous breakdown and was defeated many times for Congress and Senate before he became president. For the chicken fans, KFC was started by Colonel Sanders at the age of 62 (franchised when he was 65) with a $105 social security cheque! He travelled around the US cooking batches of chicken and asking restaurants to sell his chicken and give him 5 cents for every chicken sold. He learned to cook at age six when his father died and his mother was mother was forced to go to work leaving him to take care of his 3 year old brother and baby sister. Little did he know that his culinary skills where being groomed for a million dollar recipe! It’s interesting to see that he learned a skill that he didn’t realise would be such a great blessing to him in the future.

How many of us have skills and talents that we just don’t acknowledge as significant? You don’t have to wait until you’re 60 to use them and if you are 60 then what are you waiting for? Two of your biggest keys will be persistence and determination. The bible says “…for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again…” Proverbs 24:16. There will be times when you mess up, can’t figure it out and maybe want to chuck in the towel. But be encouraged,God is not as concerned about your failures as much as how you finish the journey. Just check out some of the great biblical characters. Moses was a murderer, David was an adulterer and Peter denied Jesus Christ the Son of God. Whoa! And guess what they all finished as men of honour. Truly God is patient and merciful. His love surpasses all understanding. Fight for your victory.

God bless and protect

Quote of the week:
“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” - Abraham Lincoln


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