Let's exercise

"Daddy, daddy let’s go outside and play football!" Your energetic six year old son picks up his ball eager to show off his latest football skills. “Not inside the house!” you bellow in authority, “Balls are for outside”. “Only if you come and play with me, you promised you would this week.” he says hoping you will agree. It’s been a long time since you played any sport, in fact you can’t even remember the last time you did any running. Actually come to think of it yes you do, it was for the train last week, those 30 metres nearly killed you and you still missed the train! Little James (your son) usually plays with Ben, his best friend next door. But Ben’s gone on holiday with his parents so you’re the next best thing.

“Ok,” you say reluctantly, “But not for too long. I’ve got work to do.” “Yeeaaaay!” your son rejoices. So you go off to get changed. Instantly you know what you’re going to wear. You pull out a nice sleek tracksuit. “Ah yes.” you nod in agreement with yourself for the splendid choice you’ve made. But as you try on the bottoms you realise that um, well, they just don’t seem to fit. “Very odd, maybe I’ve got the wrong suit” you think to yourself.” You look again but you realise that indeed it is the right tracksuit. You look down, “I don’t remember my belly ever getting in the way like this!? Anyways, not to worry, I hardly wear these anyways.” You squeeze them on and step outside and see that already little James has started. He’s running up and down and for his age you can notice he’s got amazing talent and loads of energy to go with it! “Come and get the ball off me.” He shouts. “No problem, he’s only a little boy” you whisper to yourself. So you run for James…but James is really fast. “Come on dad, get the ball off me.” You try a bit harder, but still you can’t catch him. “I don’t remember James being this fast!” you say gasping for breath. By now James is facing you and running straight at you. Now’s your chance to show him you’re the boss. But James puts the ball straight between your legs. In an effort to save your pride and dignity you turn and chase him with all you’ve got. But your attempt is futile and you collapse on your knees gasping for what seems like your last breath. As you look up you see that James has booted the ball and it looks like it’s coming straight at you…“Smack!?*$!” you blackout. Your life flashes before you (or at least 3 days of it). Chicken and chips, special fried rice, big macs and doughnuts. Attempted gym memberships, neglected exercise equipment and the likes seem never-ending. The visions just seem to get worse. What kind of nightmare is this?

“Honey? Honey wake up. Are you going to sleep all day?” your wife shakes you in an attempt to wake you up. Phew! It was just a bad dream…or was it? “Daddy, daddy let’s go outside and play football!”

Ok just a little fiction. Maybe you’re not a man, maybe you don’t have a child or maybe you don’t even like football. But when’s the last time you exercised? How important is exercise to you and do you fully understand its benefits? I’ve compiled a page that explains some of the benefits of exercise on www.thetotalman.com/body/benefits-of-exercise.htm Exercise is not something only reserved for health freaks, it’s something that everyone should do to improve their quality and length of life. The benefits of exercise range from helping to keep your heart healthy to weight loss and a stronger immune system. The truth is that many people see exercise as insignificant when matched against the urgent priorities of life. This shouldn’t be. The benefits are overwhelming. I would really encourage you to look at exercise and add it to your life if it doesn’t already exist.

God bless and protect


Quote of the week:
“If exercise could be packaged into a pill it would be the single most prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.”
- Dr Robert Butler


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