God's Spiritual Goal for Us

Here’s an interesting question; how do we gauge our spiritual lives? Our financial lives can be assessed by monitoring things such as our spending habits against our earnings. Academically someone’s coursework and exam results will give them an indication of the degree category they’re heading for. And mentally, though a bit more tricky, we can correlate many of our thoughts and emotions with such factors as what we read, watch/see, hear and perceive.

But what about our spiritual lives. What do we measure? What does God really want for us? What should we be aiming for? How do we know when we’re progressing? What do we need to know and do to stay on the ‘straight path’? What if we fall off the straight path? Then what? These are all pretty serious questions. The area of our spiritual lives is actually a pretty deep and thorough subject. In one respect, the way our spiritual lives function is not entirely different, in principle, from the way our physical lives function. They both undergo a process of development and they both require some sort of sustenance to grow. Hence through our physical lives God has actually given us a model to help us understand our spiritual lives. Just as a baby grows from infancy to a mature adult, so do our spirits. So where do we start? Well, let’s start by first examining what God is trying to do. God’s primary goal for each of us is to make us more Christlike Romans 8:29. Let me explain. The height of our spiritual growth is not that we become people who do some good things, pray more and become really dull and boring. Rather it’s that God’s very best nature and character flows through the unique personalities that we each have. Today so many things have clouded our vision and sometimes we have to stop and ponder on the truth that what God is actually trying to do is not take away our joy and peace, but rather get us to see where it really is. God views everything from an eternal perspective, and it’s as we begin to become more refined in our insight that we have a clearer outlook on our spiritual lives.

When a baby is born he (or she) is born as a complete human being. However he is not physically mature. Sure he has hands and legs, but there is still some growing to do and some coordination to learn. In the same light when we start our relationship with God we are spiritually complete but not spiritually mature. Next week we’ll expand on this but for now I want you to ponder on this truth - God is working on us to bring us to His highest spiritual goal for us – that we would be like Christ. Once we begin to grasp this then we can understand that every situation we go through in life works towards our good to help bring out the very best in us.

God bless and protect


Quote of the week:
For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. – Romans 8:29


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