Eternal life - something to boast about

The Year:  Eternity
Location:  The heavenly realm
Site:           The waiting room outside the throne of God

Your life has finally come to an end. The years of toil, the years of blessing, the years of sadness, and the years of laughter are finally over. You stand in heaven outside the door to the judgement thrown of God. You’re next in line. God’s dealing with another ex-earthling so you patiently wait. As you wait you can’t help but have a peek through the crack of a slightly opened door to see what’s going on. This guy stand’s before God’s throne reeling off a million and one reasons why God should let him in heaven. “Surely there must be a mistake angel Gabriel…my name must be in that book! Please look again, maybe it’s somewhere in the last chapter.” “I’m sorry sir but there’s no mistake – your name’s not there” confirms the angel. “But it can’t be, what about the 2 million dollars I gave to charity and all the nice things I did for the community? Surely that must put me above the rest, doesn’t it? What about how I never mixed with some of those ruffians, I never mugged anyone or killed or stole. Surely that makes me good enough for His kingdom, surely I’m better than most of the rest of them, aren’t I?” No I’m sorry sir, I believe you’re missing the point, you don’t make it to this kingdom because you think you’re better than the rest, your name’s not in the book, you can’t stay here.” At that moment heaven’s security notices you peeking in and the door shuts.

“Whoa!” you whisper to yourself “He did all that and still didn’t make it in the kingdom. What chance have I got?” In an instant a different door swings open. “Next please” bellows a deep voice. You sheepishly pace forward. Before a word is said you begin to plead your case. “God please listen. It looks like I don’t stand a chance. I never had a million dollars let alone a thousand to give to charity. I constantly got involved with the wrong guys and on top of that I was a big time womanizer! I messed up other people’s lives including my own and to be honest I’m quite ashamed. The only thing I have is that this guy told me about Jesus and how He died for my sins to set me free and stuff and I believed and accepted what he said. I tried to live right for the last few weeks down on earth but if I had known my time was gonna be up so quickly then I would have started this walk earlier.” As you continue to rabble on you’re interrupted. “Don’t worry. You’re in.” Obviously there’s been a mistake! With your track record you definitely didn’t stand a chance. “But how can that be my life was awful, what did I do right?” God kindly answers you, “You accepted my Son.” “Huh?” you’re bemused. “In this kingdom you must be perfect. Not a flaw, not a mistake, not a hiccup. Only perfection will do.” “Well then that definitely excludes me!” you insist. “That’s right, but when you accepted my Son, you accepted perfection and gave Him your imperfection. Do you think that the beatings, the ridicule, the scourge and hatred against Him was in vain? You can’t work your way to perfection, you can only accept it as a gift of my love. What’s there to boast about? (Eph 2:8-9) Of course there are other levels but for now just know that you’re in.” You stand in awe. With tears streaming down your face you’re speechless. How can this be? Is God’s mercy so great?

It sounds like foolishness! Could God make it so simple for the assurance of our spirit? We can’t even begin to imagine the depth of love and grace God has in His heart for us. Many times we want to work our way to heaven…it can’t be done. Eternal life is a gift to be received, good deeds are a product of receiving that gift. Receive it and I pray that you walk in His blessings in Jesus name.

God bless and protect

Quote of the week:
“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” – Ephesians 2:8-9


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