Determining Priorities in Life

Let’s talk about your priorities in life. What are they? I mean really think about it. What are your main priorities for the coming year, the next few months, weeks and days? This is a serious question because I’m not talking about all your goals – you might have hundreds of them. I’m talking about the crux of your goals, the core, your main driving force. Those things that you can say if I focus on this, it will have a huge impact on my life, my career and my surroundings.

If you’ve ever studied or looked into business one of the things you’re often taught is the Pareto Principle, often called the 20/80 principle. It says that 20% of your priorities will produce 80% of your production. For example, 20% of your customers will bring in 80% of your profits or 20% of the employees do 80% of the work (this is you of course!). Although this balance isn’t strictly set in stone you’ll find that a few of your key tasks, goals and habits in life are determining the majority of your results in life. Like 20% of your friends give you 80% of the encouragement or 20% of what you eat puts on 80% of the weight!

You’ll be surprised how a few adjustments from your minors to your majors can have an astounding effect on your life. In fact you’ll find that people who are often stressed, burned out or inefficient in life are those who have misguided priorities. Good intentions no doubt, but often just wrong for that season. Such people often find themselves reacting to situations instead of initiating the correct ones – I speak from experience. Today I urge you take a good look at your priorities and ask yourself, ‘Could my focus be better?’ A few useful tips on deciding priorities:

1. Think long term – your consistent building blocks will have some of the greatest effect on your future.

2. Don’t set too many priorities – Too many priorities can split your focus. Think about what gives you the greatest return and what is most rewarding and spend more time here.

3. Always count the cost Luke 14:28 – Very often our priorities require more time, effort and resources than we give them credit for. Be aware of how demanding they can really be.

4. Think importance, not urgency – Your important tasks minimise future stress and can maximise efficiency such as planning and working on your dreams. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by those things that demand your attention right now if they’re not always important.

5. Focus on what is right not what is good – Life will throw at you lots of good things to do. But always ask yourself, ‘Is this the right thing to do? What am I really trying to achieve here?’

6. Have physical, mental and spiritual priorities – never neglect an area as it will affect the other two.

Always put your priorities into perspective and never ignore them. The effect is truly remarkable.

God bless and protect,

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