Commiting to your vision

The attainment of your life vision is both a process of discovery and progression. Discovery in the sense that time will reveal things about yourself (talents, gifts and abilities) that you may not presently be aware of; and progression in that hard work and diligence will aid in your advancement towards your desired goal.

But allow me to share a building block that works to both solidify and make a definite impact in the process of accomplishing your life vision. It’s called COMMITMENT! Your personal experiences will influence whether you see commitment as a dirty, scary, inspiring or challenging word. But I want you to take a positive outlook at the prospect of commitment. You see many of us have grown to associate the word commitment to memories of being forced to do things that we hate. We’ve heard it from our teachers, preachers, parents, managers and superiors with statements such as “I just don’t think you’re committed to this job!” or “If you were committed to doing more schoolwork you’d go so much further.” These may or may not be valid statements, but past the commitment of keeping others happy or ‘off your back’, as the case may be, there’s the question of “What are YOU committed to for YOURSELF?”

I cannot stress the importance of this question enough. And I’m not just talking about your short term commitments; I’m talking about life commitments. God gave us a life to be spent and our commitment is the prerequisite of the future we want to purchase. Lifetime commitments keep our focus. Lifetime commitments build our character. It’s really not man that makes the vision, it’s the vision that makes the man. And through the most challenging and discouraging times it is a rare man that will ever persist and persevere to achieve a vision that he has not committed to.

When James Dyson came up with the idea of creating a bag-less vacuum cleaner he was told “…your idea can’t be any good. If there were a better kind of vacuum cleaner Hoover or Electrolux would have invented it” But with next to no knowledge of engineering and dogged determination he invented the Dual Cylone – the first bag-less vacuum cleaner. It is only his commitment that made him to persevere. The Dyson is now the best selling vacuum cleaner in the UK and has recently overtaken Hoover in the USA with one of its latest models. In fact to date it has generated billions of pounds in worldwide sales. Or how about Thomas Edison, he had a vision to create a lamp that could run off electricity. He failed more than ten thousand times before his dream became a reality. Chances are you’re sitting in a room reading this and his light bulb is somewhere above (or near) your head. And finally there’s Jesus Christ; He went as far as committing His life to do the will of The Father so mankind could be redeemed. At one point He even felt like He couldn’t go on, but because of His commitment to the Father He persevered saying ‘…not as I will, but as You will.’ Matthew 26:41

Lifetime commitments are what you exchange your years for and each commitment acts as a component in strengthening your vision. By determining your long term commitments today you are destroying the uncertainty of tomorrow.

God bless and protect

Quote of the week:
“At the end of our sojourn here on this planet we will be able to look back at opportunities lost or grasped according to our own willingness to make commitments.” – Peter J. Daniels


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