Becoming more valuable

“What we must decide is perhaps how we are valuable, rather than how valuable we are.” - Edgar Friedenbar

The desire to want increase is natural. It’s in our make up, it’s in our DNA, it’s just plain part of us. It isn’t greed to want a better financial life – it’s growth. Of course people can have wrong motives, but for now let’s work on the premise that we all want increase to fulfil good objectives.

Let’s pretend you got a job at Burger King (sorry if you’re trying to get out, but just work with me!) and they start you on, let’s say £5 (or $5) per hour. 20 years later you’re still there flipping burgers on let’s say hmmm…£5 an hour. You say to yourself “Something just ain’t right! I’ve given 20 years of my life, flippin’ burgers, getting scalded by hot oil and takin’ abuse from ungrateful customers. I’m still in the same old rut, I’ve got 5 kids to feed and nobody cares!!” Maybe you even break down in tears and cry yourself to sleep. “This must be just one big bad dream!” But when you wake up it’s 8am (your alarm just went off) and it’s time to flip dem burgers! Ok maybe that scenario’s not you, but perhaps there’s a ring of familiarity for others. You could be a waiter, accountant or engineer and still feel the same way. Life has a way of trying to chain people down, blind them and tell them “How dare you think there’s hope on the other side – in fact how dare you think you have a right to even venture there!” Well I’m here to tell you not to believe the lie.

Let me get straight to the point. After taking stock of your money, good budgeting and applying some smart spending tips – if you really want to increase fianacially, you categorically and imperatively must make yourself more valuable. In the work or market place, your value is not measured by your ‘kind heart’ (unless it’s having a profoundly positive effect on other employees) but rather by your capacity to be a solution to your organisation or industry. There’s more worth in learning to be the best in your field than there is in trying to fight for a little pay rise. When you’re valuable at your trade people will rather fight to have you in their company.

So, how do you make yourself more valuable in the market place? I was just coming to that, let’s look at a few solutions:

1. Read, read and read some more

I once heard a statistic that said in the USA; approximately seventy percent of adults never enter into a book store after leaving school. So it’s no surprise that the majority often feel like they’re all out of options. Your brain has over 100 billion cells crying out to be used. I like what Brian Tracy says, “You are a potential genius.” Just by committing one solitude hour a day to reading and learning more on your industry would in time put you miles ahead of your colleagues. Even if it’s not an hour commit something on a frequent basis and certainly change must come.

 2. Expand on your X-Factor

Rob Parsons a motivational business author and speaker tells of how each one of us has an X-Factor that distinguishes us from the rest. For one person it’s the art of relating to others, for another it’s the ability to solve problems and for another it might be the gift of organising. Use your gift and sharpen it like a knife. There are some things that just come naturally to you. Those are the things you should be working on.

3. Add additional skills to your current ones

It use to be that just knowing one trade or getting a certificate in that area was enough to ensure you a good future – not anymore. Today employers are looking for additional attributes and transferable skills that might distinguish you from the rest. You might be a computer programmer with a good apt for writing or a builder with great organisational skills. Build on them. There may come a time when that added skill slides you in front of the competition. Don’t try to do the minimum at work, do the maximum. Additionally go on training courses and seminars when you can. Learn from the more knowledgeable and experienced in your field.

4. Follow the trends in your market and get ahead

Every industry has trends. Buy magazines, periodicals and articles so you can know how where you should put yourself in the industry. If you can see a trend perhaps you could begin to learn early and be esteemed as an expert in that market segment.

5. Get passionate about your hobbies

What you love to do says a lot about you so don’t ignore it. Many millionaires arrived at their status by just keeping focused on doing the things they love to do. In many cases their hobbies became the businesses that brought them out of poverty. What you’re passionate about brings out the best in you and even helps you to learn more.

I’ll stop there for now but do take these to heart. Let it be that you see your worth as you really are and expand on it for the good.

God bless and protect

Quote of the week:

“Competition on the market aims at assigning to every individual that function in the social system in which he can render to all his fellow men the most valuable of the services he is able to perform.” - Ludwig Von Mises


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