A boost of motivation

“God made man to go by motives, and he will not go without them, any more than a boat without steam or a balloon without gas.” - Henry Ward Beecher

We all need a boost of motivation. Motivation is an interesting and exciting word that is often misinterpreted. The Cambridge International Dictionary defines motivation as ‘the need or reason for doing something’. In other words it’s the driving force that makes people act when they may or may not necessarily feel like acting. But isn’t it interesting that in life some people are far more motivated to succeed and progress than others? Why is this? Well Jim Rohn makes an interesting observation:

“We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons - inspiration or desperation.”

This is true, and I would sum it up by saying that we are motivated by incentive - that incentive could be positive or negative. Anyone who succeeds in something has either been inspired by the prospect of change and achievement or has so had their back to the wall and out of desperation resolved to attain a solution. ‘That’s all very well;’ you might say, ‘but how do I get and stay consistently motivated all the time.’ Well below I’ve outlined some of the influencers of motivation, these points are not exhaustive but they play a major part in staying motivated:

1. Have Goals

Recently I’ve discussed the need for goals. You’ve got to have goals. Goals are what will keep you inspired and remind you of why you need to stay motivated. The long distance athlete Francie Larrieu Smith says “The most important thing about motivation is goal setting. You should always have a goal.” Your goal is your chief incentive, and progress with your goals acts as a motivator and causes a flow of momentum in your life.

2. Commitment

You must be committed to your goal/goals. A definite commitment will be the telling factor in overriding any possibility of discouragement you might have. Yes discouragement often comes, but your commitment will be the prevailing reason that prevents discouragement from obtaining the final victory.

3. Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for yourself. A big motivation destroyer is when we try to find fault and blame others for our failures. Even if we are right we shouldn’t dwell in that place. The minute you realise and appreciate that you are the one who decides your own future, you become more in control of your motivation.

4. Pursue your passions

The most inspired motivation comes from that which you are passionate about. Whether it’s a job or a hobby, those things that you love to do are the areas that keep your attention. Pursue them. God designed you to love specific things for a reason.

5. Be honest with yourself

Our personal integrity must always be examined again and again. If something truly isn’t working in life investigate and ask yourself why? Is there a problem with what you’re pursuing or have you been approaching it the wrong way? Maybe you’re too hard on yourself, or maybe not hard enough.

6. Continually renew your mind.

The power of the mind should never be underestimated. The more you learn and understand, and the more the possibilities increase, the more hope you have in your life. Hope always produces motivation because it gives you a mental picture of a future incentive. Never forget Romans 12:1-2, the renewing of your mind is what leads to your transformation.

Every single person on this earth is unique, amazingly unique, and what a single person can accomplish at their full potential is truly awesome. We’ve been made in the image of God and our only limits are confined to the physical and spiritual principles here on earth - we need constant motivation to expose our possibilities. You have to discover the things that enthuse you in life. Each of us has a fuse within us and when lit the explosion it can make is enough to shock us about ourselves. Seek out those things that ignite you and hold on tight!

God bless and protect


Quote of the week:
“True motivation comes from within - from the willingness to see a dream fulfilled - from the desire to leave the world better than you found it.” - Steve Brunkhorst


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